Xiaomi Super SOCO CU Electric Scooter Review


    Fuel is a big concern in every country nowadays. Also, the increase in the price of fuel is a big concern for everyone. Moreover, due to combustion of these fuels lead to air pollution. Another thing these fuels also come to an end. To avoid these problems, many manufacturers have done pleasant work on electric vehicles.

    Xiaomi is a leading Chinese brand in the smart device market. Of course, it has a big name on smartphone market all over the world. But this time it has played a vital role on the smart electric scooter. A Shanghai-based electric scooter manufacturer SOCO which is funded by Xiaomi has unveiled this second-generation electric vehicle. SOCO CU has the features of SOCO TS Lite, SOCO TS Pro, and SOCO TS which are the predecessor of it.

    Here I have reviewed Xiaomi SOCO CU electric vehicle along with my riding experience. Have a glance at this article to know about this product.


    SOCO CUThis stylish electric scooter comes in four different colors such as silver, red, black, and grey. You can choose your favorite color which will suit you and your personality.

    Front View of SOCO CU

    SOCO CUNow let us discuss its body view or physical overview. The front of the scooter is made up of the robust fiver. This front side is very clean and tidy. On that body, you won’t get any light or indicators as conventional scooters. This clean body has given me the advantage to customize graphics design.


    SOCO CUWhile you look at the handle, then you can see two U shaped headlights are placed in the middle of the handle. These lights are very bright, sharp and stylish. These lights are very fast in response, and at night you can have very bright visualize.

    Front Camera of SOCO CU

    SOCO CUThere is one useful feature on this scooter. You can see a camera just below the headlight. I have seen many electric vehicles but never have come across such vehicles which have a front camera. This shows the effort of the research and development skills of both Xiaomi and SOCO. While any manufacturer is designing an electric vehicle, they should think innovations like this. This camera always automatically record your daily rides. This feature is essential as to keep proof anything on your trips or traffics. Also, while you ride, it is impossible for you to hold your smartphone and take a beautiful snap. But on this camera, you can take a snap at any time while you ride with just one click.

    USB Battery Charging Port

    SOCO CUMany times while you travel you face low battery on your smartphone. But with SOCO CU electric scooter you need not worry. As an electric vehicle and with advanced technology, it comes with a dedicated USB port. So while traveling you see red color sign on your smartphone you can happily put your smartphone in charging mode.

    Smart Unlocking Feature

    SOCO CUThis electric vehicle comes with all premium features. As you can unlock your car with automation key, here on this electric vehicle, you can have that feature. Just press a remote control key to unlock your electric scooter, then press the key to start and enjoy your ride. This is a premium feature on this scooter which I like.

    Back Light of SOCO CU

    SOCO CUThe back light of the scooter is very uniquely designed. You can see the lights are arranged in a diamond shape. SOCO CUI like this light as it is eye-catching and gives a premium look to the scooter. And at the side of diamond-shaped design, there are two infinite shaped lights. This style lighting, you even can’t find in any premium electric cars also.


    SOCO CUThe aluminum alloy wheels are very strong and powerful. The diameter of the rim is 12 inches, and it can withstand a good speed. SOCO CUYou can find 180 mm disc brake affixed with the rim. This disc brake is based on the hydraulic brake system.


    SOCO CUAs a reviewer, I have got many questions regarding this electric scooter; such as how this scooter perform? How much power it has? So to clear everyone’s doubt I have explained everything with motion pictures.

    Unlocking Review

    SOCO CULet me start the review by unlocking the scooter. As you can see from the picture, this scooter doesn’t need any key to unlock. You need to unlock the alarm to unlock the scooter. After unlocking the scoter press the start button and enjoy riding.

    Speedometer Review

    SOCO CUYou can get a highly featured digital speedometer. On this speedometer, you can access the vehicle speed along with the battery life and how long the vehicle has run.

    Smart Unlocking Seat Cushion

    SOCO CUTo unlock the seat cushion for the storage you need to press the remote controller button for three seconds. You can have a glance at this motion picture. This feature is imposing and very comfortable to operate.

    USB Charging Review

    SOCO CUNot all electric scooters have USB charging post as Xiaomi SOCO CU electric scooter. As you can see from the picture, you will have a dedicated USB charging port. In which you can insert your smartphone into charging mode whenever it is necessary.

    Speed Controller of SOCO CU

    SOCO CUSpeed control is very much necessary in an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are generally very slow. They consume same battery power at any speed. Here you can set a constant speed for this vehicle and can drive without any effort. This electric scooter runs more than 100 Km on a single charge.

    Dual Flash Indicator of SOCO CU

    SOCO CUThis time SOCO CU scoter has unveiled double flash indicator light. Now you can enjoy these double flash indicator at parking. These lights are stunning and have charm. You can see it from the picture.

    Smart Headlight of SOCO CU

    SOCO CUThe headlight has an exciting feature. The light has come with the sensor. It can reflect up to 75 meters distance. And due to the sensor, the light gets to turn off and turn on automatically on the lighting condition. Due to this sensor, the light is energy efficient. In no other electric scooter, you can get this intelligent lighting system.

    Camera Performance of SOCO CU

    SOCO CUNow let us discuss its most fantastic feature. As you can see from the picture, it has a front camera. And this is a full HD camera. This camera has f/2.0 aperture with 138-degree wide angle lens. This lens gives you broad angle vision for video shooting. The camera comes with gravity sensor which can click images instantly while facing any collision. You can see the captured images to check its video and picture quality.

    SOCO CULook at the picture quality, the clarity on this camera is not less than any professional DSLR camera.

    Riding Experience

    SOCO CUAs you can see from the picture, you can give a shower to your electric to clean dirt. Apparently, as a vehicle it is waterproof. No need to worry about it.

    SOCO CUYou can see from the image that SOCO CU is very spacious. You can load your grocery marketing on that space. It is quite a good advantage. SOCO CUYou can see I have kept my dog in that space.

    SOCO CUThe wheels are very strong, and you can withstand high speed, and it is of aluminum alloy wheel. Moreover, the tires have perfect grips. SOCO CUYou can see my driving from the pictures. The driving is very comfortable with this electric scooter.

    SOCO CUConstant speed function is enjoyable. Moreover, the front and rear wheels come with 180 mm hydraulic disc brake which gives good control on a ride.


    SOCO CUXiaomi and SOCO have done an excellent job by unveiling such a vehicle to the world. No doubt this scooter has come with many useful features, but the main point is this is an emission-free vehicle. You won’t have any pollution by this scooter. SOCO has done a pretty good job by inventing this next generation scooter. And you will get many impressive features with this electric scooter which you can’t get from other electric vehicles in the market. If you like this vehicle, then without making any late garb it.


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