The Baseus A01 review: This Is What Professionals Do

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It is essential to select and choose the right headset because a lousy Bluetooth device can ruin even the most engaging conversation. If you are looking for a high hand free headset right now this guide is going to help you out. One of the best Bluetooth device present in the market at very low cost and high quality is Baseus A01. The A01 does not only come with a low price, but you will also experience a superb audio quality with a big boom mic. With all this together you can enjoy greater time talking to your loved ones without thinking about anything and without any disruption.

Baseus A01 1


Due to constant work and need to be in touch every time is making it mandatory to have a Bluetooth headset for everyone. If you have a minimal budget and you don’t want to spend a fortune on getting a headset. Then this guide is for you. Now we present you with one of the best headset available in the market Baseus A01. This device comes with a price tag of below $10 and 4.8/5 user rating everywhere which makes it a perfect device for everyone.

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Different Bluetooth devices come in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, the price also depends on many factors like where you are going to use it. The first thing we want to tell you Baseus A01 that it is perfect for the working environment.  You can just plug it and take it to your workplace, noisy sites, streets restaurant practically anywhere. The Baseus A01 will provide you with a significant impact on how you are placing and answering calls in everyday life.

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The A01 has a minimum dimension of 5.5cm which is very small for this kind of devices. The earbuds of the device are made up of medical soft silicon which gets adjusted in any ear very nicely. The device is very slim, portable and is very easy to carry anywhere.


Despite being a very slim and portable device A01 offers plenty of features. It is capable of noise cancellation, hand free use and has superb audio quality. Baseus A01 comes with Bluetooth 4.1 for super connectivity. It has Bluetooth 4.1 and with the sound quality of 20-2000 Hz is produce super.

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It can also support connectivity with two devices at the same time which comes as a unique feature. With the Baseus, A01you will enjoy intelligent compatibility and simultaneous and stable connection at the same time. It can support both IOS and Android. The best part is it will give you relief from any time calling and taking out your phone for receiving the calls. You can just press the multifunction key once for picking up call or long press it twice to cancel the call and short press twice to redial the last call.

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Baseus A01: Specifications

Baseus A01 Specifications
Connectivity distance: 10 meters
Standby time: 100 hours
Call time: 100 hours
Material: ABS+ Aluminium body
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Bluetooth version: V4.1
Frequency: 20-20000 Hz
Battery: 55 mAh
Weight: 15grams.

Battery life

There is universal rule the big is the size of the device the more critical battery life you will get with it. However, the Baseus A01 in a small size comes with a powerful battery that can last for 10 hours talk time, 100 hours standby by time and with quick charge system, it is again ready for use just after 1.5 hours of quick charging. With the battery so efficient you can enjoy longer music time and be calling time with less charging time.

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All killer zero filler

The best part about Baseus A01 is its price range. In less than $10 you will get a stylish professional headset with all the features loaded. You cant when you are getting a device with so many features and in such a low price. Only the latest tech is missing from this device like voice control and assistance. If you are looking for a product that provides you value for money Baseus A01 is the perfect device for you.






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