Witti Candi Review: wireless charger for smartphones


Witti Candi wireless charger

If you have a smartphone that is compatible with charging battery wireless technology, you already know the advantage and ease that these chargers offer. For a few days, we were testing a charger of this type that Witti designs sent us to carry out a review. It is the Witti Candi, a stand type charging station, in which you can place your phone to charge and, at the same time, you can watch a video, read a book, surf the web. In brief, you can do everything when you put the smartphone in a stand.

Candi uses Qi Wireless technology, which delivers up to 10W. It supports iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, Samsung S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5 and more devices compatible with this wireless charging standard.

Inside the box with the charging station, there is a Type-C USB cable but it does not include the USB adapter plug, although today in an average home there are several of these adapters.

The only thing you must take into account, in this case, is that for the charge to be fast, it must use a Qualcomm 2.0 o 3.0 plug adapter or any USB that supports 9V 2A output. Otherwise with any other plug. In the box is also included a small user manual.


One of the things that describe a Witti Design are the modern designs of its products and Candi is no exception.

This is a relatively small satellite antenna shaped charging station, the front part is flat (where the back of the smartphone rests) and the back is domed. The dimensions of Candi are 115 mm x 115 mm x 56 mm and it weighs only 170 g.

The bottom surface, where the side of the smartphone rests, is covered by a non-slip rubber and at the bottom front, it has a blue LED light that indicates when the smartphone is charging, which automatically turns off after 3 minutes.

Here I would have liked that the LED light does not turn off after 3 minutes, but continue indicating that the smartphone is charging and when the battery is already charged it changes its color.

On the back is the Type-C USB port to connect the cable and provide the necessary power to the Witti Candi to charge the smartphone’s battery.

The charging station has four supporting legs: two long legs at the back and two small ones near the front that you can barely see them. The four supporting legs include a small rubber on the base to prevent that the Candi from sliding.

An advantage of this charging stations is that you can place the smartphone to charge both horizontally and vertically.

Being compact, it is easy to carry anywhere, even on a trip if you don’t want to deal with cables.

Its modern style allows you to place it anywhere at home; whether in the kitchen, in the bedroom even in the living room. It also comes in 3 colors: black, Tiffany blue and pink.

The Witti Candi costs US $ 29,99.

What do I like about the Candi?

  • The design
  • That you can charge it horizontally and vertically
  • The stand-type format that allows you to continue using your smartphone while charging it
  • Fast charge

What don’t I like about it?

  • That it does not include a plug adapter
  • The LED light does not indicate when the smartphone is fully charged

Final conclusion

The Candi wireless charging station of Witti Designs made me very happy with is performance. Besides, its modern style allows me to place it anywhere at home.

As most of this type of chargers:

  • it is very easy to use
  • it is comfortable
  • you avoid dealing with cables to plug into the terminal.


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