BEDDI Charge Review: clock alarm and more


BEDDI Charge: Desktop alarm clock with 3 USB charging ports

Several months ago, one of my children gave me the BEDDI Style alarm clock with ambient light of different colors; which in addition, with its regular sound, allows me to wake up with Spotify music or other streaming services. But that’s not all, it also helps to get to sleep with a relaxing white sound while it charges the smartphone’s battery thanks to its USB port.

This is the clock I use every morning to wake up. I am delighted with this clock; it works with a mobile application that allows you to set up several alarms, program the ambient light and other things.

Now, Witti Design, the creator of BEDDI Style, sent us one of their new alarm clocks with USB charging ports: the BEDDI Charge, which we were testing and here is the analysis.

In the box, in addition to the BEDDI Charge alarm clock, Witti Design includes an adapter to plug into a power outlet and a quick instruction guide.



This alarm clock includes 3 USB charging ports with a total of 3 amps, which allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet, wireless Bluetooth headset and other devices.

The alarm begins with a single and soft standard tone and it gradually increases the volume; something that allows you to wake up smoothly. Something that does not happen to many people when they wake up suddenly, as a result of an alarm with a wildly loud tone.

The alarm can be set to sound at the indicated hour or every 5, 10 or 30 minutes if we press the alarm repeat button and do not turn it off completely. In addition, you can set up to 4 alarms per day if you need them.

It also includes a multicolor LED light with 16 million possible colors to match your bedroom style or the room it is installed.

The LED display of the watch is completely adjustable and for those who want to sleep completely in the dark. It can be set to completely turn off the light that shows the time or dim the brightness (4 levels and off).



The BEDDI Charge is a compact device; its dimensions are 60mm x 165mm x 51mm and it is also lightweight, it is only 183 grams. The body is made of durable plastic and Witti Design offers it in black or white.

This model is available in two colors: bright white plastic or black matte plastic.

The BEDDI Charge front has the traditional Witti logo, a digital LED display that shows the alarm icon when it is set, and of course, the time.

As I told you before, this screen can dim the brightness of the watch in four levels; from more intense to less intense and completely off.

At the bottom back you can see the 3 USB ports; to the left of this USB ports there is a port to connect an adapter power cable (DC IN 5V) and on the right lower corner there is a small cover of the emergency battery compartment; which acts in the event of a power outage or having to move to the clock. This way you avoid having to set the time and alarms again.

The top part presents all the buttons to control the BEDDI Charge. In the middle is the alarm repeating button; which is the longest and also allows to dim the clock’s LED screen light.

Behind the alarm repeating button, there are 4 small squared-shaped buttons:

  • light
  • alarm
  • + and –  that allow setting the time and change between 12 hours (AM/PM) and 24 hours


Final conclusion

If you need only one alarm clock and you want to avoid having a charger for multiple mobile devices separately, this is undoubtedly the device you need. You can purchase it for only US $ 29.99.

Besides, and what for some is really important; the possibility of turning off the light of the clock completely or attenuating the intensity of the light. This something that differentiates between a pleasant dream and not sleeping or sleeping very little.

Now if you are not the one who needs to be completely dark to sleep, the BEDDI Charge allows you to get up at night with a faint white light.  This feature guarantees that, at least, you know where the clock is; and although it is not a light that will allow you to see everything, you will not be in complete darkness. The light also makes the BEDDI Charge match perfectly with the style of the room where they are located.

The only negative point about this: it only offers one alarm tone. Having no radio or music to set makes it a little bit boring.



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