NEWWEAR Q6 Budget Smartwatch Review


First of all, let me tell you what a smartwatch is. Smartwatch is the combination of watch and smartphone. That means smartwatch is the advanced version of a watch which is equipped with some features of computer and smartphone. Like another technical device, this device is also getting better with time.

If you are looking for a smartwatch then first think smart before buying a smartwatch as many different options are available. As there are many different brand smartwatches are available, a new smartwatch has been introduced by NEWWEAR, i.e., the Q6 smartwatch. NEWWEAR Q6In very few time it has taken the market. Those who want maximum features with affordable price must go with this smartwatch. I know you must be thinking about its look and features. Let me give you some idea about this smartwatch so that you can decide whether you want to go for this device or not. Let’s start with its look and design.

Looks and design of NEWWEAR Q6

NEWWEAR Q6NEWWEAR has given the Q6 smartwatch a robust and sporty look. You are going to love the design and stylish look of the smartwatch. It comes in two bold colors one is black color and another one is gray color. NEWWEAR Q6It has simple round dial with wear-resistant glass dial which will make you see the screen. Screen size of the smartwatch is 1.0 inch. The smartwatch has got stainless steel body with sporty rubber strap.

The size of the dial is 5 x 5 x 1.5 cm. The total length/ width/ height of the smartwatch is 22.00 x 5.00 x 1.50 cm and the weight of the product is 0.0660 kg. The size of the band is 2.7 x 22 cm. NEWWEAR Q6To navigate the menus of the smartwatch, you will get four physical buttons. The size of the watch is perfect for both women and men. The big dial of the smartwatch will give you stunning sporty look. The band of the watch is skin friendly. It won’t give you any type of skin irritation as it is sweat absorbent. It has inbuilt GPS in it.

Display of NEWWEAR Q6 Smartwatch:

NEWWEAR Q6Coming to the display of the smartwatch, first of all, let me tell you that it has got Black and White screen display and the screen type is LCD. It has the screen resolution of 128 x 128 pixel. According to the price resolution is good, but in my point of view this resolution is not enough, I was expecting more. But never the less the resolution is quite enough to read it in light and also in the dark. And I had already told you that screen size is 1.0 inch.

Hardware of NEWWEAR Q6 Smartwatch:

Moving on to the hardware part of the smartwatch it has got Bluetooth version of 4.0, and it supports Android version 4.4+ and iOS 8.0+. The smartwatch is powered by built-in chip MTK2523. It is waterproof with IP rating IP67.

Software Specification

As discussed above, the smartwatch comes with Android 4.4 but with very basic UI. This smartwatch also comes with very basic theme as you can see in the images. The menu of the smartwatch is on list manner. NEWWEAR Q6You can even download more themes from the third party websites. NEWWEAR Q6With Bluetooth 4.0 you can synch your smartphone data to your smartwatch.

NEWWEAR Q6This smartwatch comes with its supporting app for your smartphone. While you unbox it, you can find the written instruction to download the app on user manual. NEWWEAR Q6As per the manual the best app for this smartwatch is iSmartFit app. NEWWEAR Q6On this app you can see your all tracking records as per the pictures.

Battery of NEWWEAR Q6 Smartwatch:

The battery type which has been used in this smartwatch is lithium polymer, and the battery capacity is 460mAh. If you are using the smartwatch, then it will give you the battery life of 10 days, and in standby mode, it will provide you with 60 days of battery life. The battery life is impressive in comparison to other smartphones. It comes with magnetic charging cable. It takes 2 hours to get it fully charges.

Function and Features of NEWWEAR Q6 Smartwatch:

The Q6 smartwatch is equipped with different sports feature and various sensors. It has got vibration alert type with three groups of alarm. With some added features like alarm, Bluetooth, calendar and GPS it helps in your daily work.

NEWWEAR Q6To keep track of your health, it has health tracker like drinking reminder, exercises heart rate monitor, sedentary reminder, pedometer. NEWWEAR Q6It also has sleep monitor like sleeping time and sleeping quality, and it also checks your calorie consumption in a day, it also calculates the distance you have covered in one day, etc. you can set other reminders also like your dinner time reminder, your medicine reminder, etc.

NEWWEAR Q6If also you are busy on the tight schedule then you can connect your smartwatch with your smartphone through Bluetooth and can access your phone notification like call, messages or social media notification on your smartwatch. NEWWEAR Q6You are not going to miss the message of your near and dear ones. It will notify you the messages of Facebook, Line, QQ, Skype, Twitter, Wechat, Whatsapp. It will not only display your messages, but it will also show the incoming calls.

NEWWEAR Q6To keep track of your daily workout for your fitness it comes with different sports features like outdoor running, cycling, swimming, climbing, walking, indoor running. While riding a bicycle or indoor activities, it will keep a record of your exercise and calories consumption. While climbing a mountain, it will show your time, height and calories. NEWWEAR Q6It also comes with a compass, so when you are out for exploring the world, you won’t get lost.NEWWEAR Q6

When you order the Q6 smartwatch in the package along with one NEWWEAR Q6 smartwatch, you will get one USB cable and one user manual.

Pros of  NEWWEAR Q6 Smartwatch:

  • The best part is it comes in your budget. The price of the smartwatch is only $79.10.
  • The look and design of the product are beautiful and stylish.
  • The smartwatch will look perfect on people having wide wrist as its dial is bit big.
  • The Q6 smartwatch is equipped with built-in GPS.
  • To make sure that it is gentle to your skin it is wear resistant and sweat absorbent. It is also heat resistant.
  • It comes with the sensor which displays your heartbeat your calorie consumption etc.
  • You can keep track of your sleeping time and sleeping quality which is essential for your health. And you can also keep a record of steps you have walked in one day.
  • The smartwatch is quite easy to access. You can easily connect it to your smartphone.NEWWEAR Q6
  • It takes only two hours to get the full charge. And its battery backup is amazing. In standby mode 60 days and working mode ten days. I don’t think any other smartwatch can give such long battery life in this price range.
  • It has got Bluetooth connectivity of version 4.0.

Cons of NEWWEAR Q6 Smartwatch:

  • As the smartwatch has quite a big dial, it may not look good on people having a thin wrist.
  • The resolution is just good. I think it should come with a bit more resolution.
  • It has very basic UI. The themes are also not that good.


NEWWEAR Q6Well, this is a very cheap smartwatch. This smartwatch has very elegant looks but with basic UI. However, you can enjoy premium features with this smartwatch. With rexin straps you won’t feel any itching on your wrist. If you compare this smartwatch with other brands, then you can opt this as it comes with very low budget. However, if you are expecting for premium display and good features, then you cannot get it from this watch. But if you have low budget and want to experience smartwatch features, then go for it.



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