Mi Projector Released for 3999 Yuan with MIUI TV software support


Xiaomi has released its Mi Projector today. The most awaited projector from Xiaomi was announced a few months back.

The Mi Projector is all set to be released on the retail stores on June 1st, 2018.

Mi Projector

The initial price kept for Mi Projector is 3999 Yuan. Furthermore, the projector uses Texas instruments TRP square pixel technology and architecture scheme. Mijia projector produces extremely crisp results on the screen.

Mi Projector: What’s more?

As per the specifications of the Mi Projector are concerned, the Mijia Projector will support a 120-inch large screen with up to 3 meters focus capabilities.

The device comes pre-installed with the MIUI TV version for easier and quicker navigation.

The absolute brightness of the projector’s lamp is around 8000 ANSI lumens that provide good viewing angles both during the day and night.

Mi Projector

The lamp life is estimated to be approximate, above 10 years.

Built-in support for HDR10 – high dynamic range video decoding, which gives a great contrast ratio.

The blacks are crisp.

Mi Projector is also capable of providing cinematic sound effects, with the help of 2-inch 10W dual speakers. It uses dual-passive sound system technology. This combo is capable of providing an immersive experience to your ears.

As the Mijia projector comes with Patchwall UI preinstalled the experience becomes even more immersive, because of the crisp controls.

You can also control the Xiaomi Mi Projector via your voice. Long pressing the voice button on the remote control will activate the device for voice commands.


Worldwide sale can be expected soon after its launch in China retail stores on 1st June.

What do you think, in the price segment Mijia Projector can do wonders for you? Share your feedback in the comments down below.

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